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Nor Shall Private Property Be Taken For Public Use, Without Just Compensation
- The 5th Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Route 67 (Future I-57) – Butler County

The Missouri Department of Transportation and the City of Poplar Bluff are proposing a project that includes upgrading Route 67 to interstate standards from the Route 160/158 interchange south of Poplar Bluff, Missouri to the Missouri/Arkansas state line. The entire project limits are broken down into five phases: Phases 1A and 1B, as well as Phases 2-4. (See Map) It is anticipated that MoDOT will have to acquire property rights through eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.

This will be a multi-phase project.  Phases 1A, 1B and 2 are funded. Phase 1A received funding through Governor Mike Parson’s cost share program. Phases 1B and 2 were funded thanks to a cost share between MoDOT and the City of Poplar Bluff. This was made possible after Poplar Bluff voters approved a ballot measure led by the Highway 67 Corporation to help fund the expansion in August 2019.

Schedule:    According to MoDOT, Phases 1B and 2 are scheduled to start construction in Spring 2023. MoDOT will conduct right of way acquisitions before that time.  For information relating to Missouri Eminent Domain laws and procedures, click here. Funding is not yet secured for Phases 3 and 4; schedules will be determined as funding becomes available.

Improvements will extend from the Route 160/158 interchange to County Road 352 through the currently funded phases. The Route 160/158 interchange will be reconfigured with two roundabouts in place of the current loop ramps in the northwest and southeast quadrants.

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