MoDOT proposes new Route 63 & Grindstone Parkway Interchange

MoDOT proposes new Route 63 & Grindstone Parkway Interchange

Highway 63 and Grindstone Proposed Plans (click for larger image)

MoDOT plans to reconstruct a portion of the Highway 63 intersection at Grindstone. This project includes changes to northbound Route 63 entrance and exit ramps, Boone County Route AC (Grindstone Parkway), New Haven Road, and Lenoir Street. MoDOT sites increased congestion in the area as the reason for the changes.

Some local business and the New Haven Elementary School entryways will be adjusted or relocated.

MoDOT will have to acquire 15 acres before construction can begin. The current schedule is to hire a contractor in the fall of 2023 and start construction in 2024.

An online public hearing for this project on June 9, 2022.

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What Are My Rights?

Many property owners do not realize they have a right to compensation for INSERT TYPE OF PROJECT ie: the electric lines and towers placed on their properties. If even a portion of their property is used by DESCRIBE THE TYPE OF AGENCY: ie: electric companies for their utilities, owners are entitled under the Constitution to receive just compensation.

Just compensation includes not only the value of the property lost to TYPE OF PROJECT i.e. electric utilities, but also damage done to the remaining property. Property owners should consult an attorney before signing any documents effecting their property. Attorneys at Denlow & Henry provide an initial consultation at no charge to a property owner.

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