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Metrolink Expansion, St Louis, North St. Louis County, Missouri

Bistate is planning an expansion of Metrolink from south St. Louis to the city’s north side and the cost is estimated at about $1.1 billion. Under the current schedule, environmental assessment may be completed in 2025 and design work in late 2026. Construction could come from 2027 to 2030.

The 5.6 mile route would run along Jefferson Avenue from Chippewa Street to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency facility under construction northwest of downtown. It would then go west along Natural Bridge Avenue to North Grand Boulevard. The proposed northside-southside line would connect with a further extension into north St. Louis County.

Each route would begin at Natural Bridge Avenue and North Grand Boulevard, the terminus of a planned route that would go to the new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency headquarters northwest of downtown.

Three of them would end at the North County Transit Center on Pershall Road in Ferguson, just south of Interstate 270, where several Metro bus lines stop.

The four proposed alternatives would lay tracks:

The city line is expected to run on tracks in or along major streets, in contrast to existing MetroLink routes that mostly operate on separate alignments.

East-West Gateway, which oversees federally funded projects in the metro area, in 2018 had previously endorsed a somewhat different version of the city extension.

Bi-State MetroLink Expansion Map

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