Eminent Domain May be Used for Branson Gondola Project

Eminent Domain May be Used for Branson Gondola Project


Proposed Route of Branson Gondola Project

A proposal by a private company, American Gondola, to build and operate an eight mile long gondola stretching from Silver Dollar City to Branson Landing may require the use of eminent domain for purposes of obtaining easements from property owners.
American Gondola is currently in negotiations with the City of Branson whereby the City would use its eminent domain power to acquire the necessary easements from owners unwilling to sell easements to the private company and then would make those easements available for use in constructing the proposed project. The project was originally estimated to cost approximately $130 million but is now priced between $160 and $200 million. The proposal has been occasionally in the news for approximately one year but now appears to be gaining momentum. Its purpose is to not only alleviate traffic issues on Highway 76 but also provide Branson a new tourist attraction. A letter of understanding and cooperation agreement between American Gondola and the City of Branson is set to be considered at the City’s December 13 Board meeting.

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