Dardenne Prarie planning widening of Weldon Spring Road

Dardenne Prarie planning widening of Weldon Spring Road

This project will widen the existing narrow road and provide three traffic lanes with curb and gutter,
underground storm sewers and separated pedestrian facilities including sidewalks and a multi-use path. In
addition, storm sewers will be constructed. A roundabout is proposed at the existing ninety-degree bend.
Additional right
way for the proposed roundabout was acquired by the City over ten years ago in
anticipation of this project. Retaining walls and rock excavations are expected along this mostly
alignment. No traffic signalization or aesthetic enhancements are proposed.
There is an existing ninety degree bend in the roadway. Traffic crashes regularly occur on this roadway.
Public inquiries regarding improvement of this roadway occ
ur on a regular basis.
Improvements to turning movements at the multiple intersections, adjustments to the existing horizontal
and vertical roadway alignment and construction of a roundabout at the existing ninety degree bend will
significantly decrease the high number of traff
ic crashes that occur on this roadway each month.
The implementation of this project will provide benefits of increased safety, accessibility and increased
pedestrian and bicycle use between adjacent neighborhoods, businesses, parks
and schools. The planned
use trail and sidewalk will bring to fruition the planned connections to the existing City and Great
Rivers Greenway trail systems along Henning Road and the Dardenne Greenway. Connections of
neighborhoods along Weldon Sprin
g Road to the Dardenne Greenway trail system is a part of the long
planning of the City of Dardenne Prairie, and Great Rivers Greenway.
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