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Bethany Meuret named as Affiliate Member of Owners Counsel of America

Denlow & Henry is pleased to announce that our Associate Attorney, Bethany L. Meuret was accepted as an Affiliate Member of Owners’ Counsel of Americaat its Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 3, 2024. She has enthusiastically and energetically embraced Denlow & Henry’s mission to represent landowners facing…

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City of Union seeks help MoDOT for proposed Highway 47 projects

The City of Union is looking for more help from the Missouri Department of Transportation on dealing with Highway 47 project. The city of Union is currently working with Franklin County, and MoDOT’s planned improvements of a 12.7-mile stretch of Highway 47 from Washington, south through Union, to St. Clair….

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North St Louis neighborhoods plan to block eminent domain

Two northside neighborhoods near the new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency facility have proposed a plan that would guide development there, in hopes of blocking the use of eminent domain against residents.  Neighbors in St. Louis Place and Jeff Vanderlou are asking City Hall to approve a plan that will allow existing…

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Railway Exchange Building, St. Louis City, Missouri.

The old Famous Barr Building in Downtown St. Louis, known as the Railway Exchange, is a historic landmark that has been sitting vacant for years. It has been boarded up, broken into, the subject of two fires, and vandalism. The owners are behind in rent and not doing anything to…

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Dardenne Prarie planning widening of Weldon Spring Road

This project will widen the existing narrow road and provide three traffic lanes with curb and gutter, underground storm sewers and separated pedestrian facilities including sidewalks and a multi-use path. In addition, storm sewers will be constructed. A roundabout is proposed at the existing ninety-degree bend. Additional right of way…

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Grain Belt to get its day in court this week

Public Service Commission maintains it was correct in denying permits to wind energy company The company behind a controversial wind energy project slated to go through Monroe and Ralls Counties will have its day in court this week — and possibly have its final chance to get necessary permits to…

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ATXI (Ameren) meets strong opposition in Shelby County

ATXI, a subsidiary of Ameren, met with strong opposition at a public hearing to consider its request for permission from Shelby County to build its proposed Mark Twain Transmission Line.  The controversial project has faced stiff local resistance since it was proposed in 2015.  Under Missouri Law, a utility must…

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Wind Energy Line has supporters and detractors

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune about the Grain Belt Express Clean line, wind energy from Iowa and Kansas could help eastern states meet their renewable energy goals.  Illinois has the goal of deriving 25% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025.  However, the same energy lines…

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Missourians discuss Mark Twain Transmission Project

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois plans to build a 345 kv electric transmission line from Palmyra to the Iowa border in northeast Missouri, and a new substation in Kirksville.  There will be a slight increase in rates for Ameren customers, but Ameren claims that benefits will be construction jobs, access…

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Wind Production Tax Credit Not Renewed for 2014

The federal wind production tax credit had spurred the growth of more than 12,000 megawatts of new wind power in 2012.  However, the lack of the tax credit in 2014 has stalled the industry.  This year, a coalition of Republicans and conservative Democrats, many backed by the fossil fuel industry,…

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Road Taxes Are Rising Across the US

Missouri voters rejected a proposed tax increase to fund road buildings and repairs on the August 5, 2014, election, but Missouri as well as states throughout the U.S. are facing the challenge of how to maintain and upgrade their road infrastructure in the face of congressional stalemate of the federal…

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St. Louis County Calls for Blighting Jamestown Mall

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley recommended blighting Jamestown Mall in Florissant to enable the vacant mall site to become redeveloped as mixed use.  Proposed new uses would be housing offices, and retail buildings.  For more information, see story at http://flcas.findlaw.com/auth.jsp?tk=9x739KsnpwB5GyDFKOEIjDZFd9ugepat&app=3021&r=2  

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East Locust Creek Reservoir Project Moving Forward

The East Locust Creek Reservoir project in north central Missouri near Milan, in Sullivan County, is moving forward.  According to a news story, 79% of the land needed for acquisition has been purchased.  Read more at:  http://www.heartlandconnection.com/news/story.aspx?id=1039957  

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Grain Belt Express Line Causes Controversy

The 750-mile long prposed Grain Belt Express Clean Line is causing controversy in affected counties, including Randolph County, Missouri.  Many landowners oppose having their land taken by eminent domain, and some will have their property cut in half by the electric line easement, but a company spokesman for Clean Line…

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Clean Line Energy President Defends Grain Belt Express

The president of Clean Line Energy Partners visited northwestern Missouri to promote the Grain Belt Express electric transmission line project, which would carry electricity generated by wind farms in Kansas to locations in the eastern U.S.  Read more here:  http://www.newspressnow.com/news/local_news/article_6d2ac19e-1c93-594d-b559-06820b8fd291.html  

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Letter to Editor Opposes Grain Belt Express

This letter to the editor offers an overview of reasons as to why landowners are opposed to the Grain Belt Express DC electric transmission line.  Read more at:  http://www.themaneater.com/stories/2014/4/10/missouri-doesnt-need-clean-line/.  

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State’s Largest Wind Farm Planned in NW Missouri

Element Power, an energy company located in Portland, Oregon (website:  http://www.elpower.com/) has proposed to build a wind farm, named Mill Creek Wind Farm, that will generate 200 megawatts of electricity.  The wind farm would be located near Oregon, Missouri, in Holt County, which is in northwestern Missouri.    The power would…

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East Locust Creek Reservoir Creek Project Funded

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has released the final $2 million for the East Locust Creek Reservoir Project.  The reservoir will serve 10 counties in northeast Missouri, providing drinking water.  The North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission will now need to acquire the property needed for the reservoir, and could use…

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SWEPCO Route Approved in Arkansas

The route in northern Arkansas for the 345kv electric transmission line to be built by Southwestern Electric Power Company (“SWEPCO”) has been approved.  To read more, see:  http://www.lovelycitizen.com/story/2043645.html .  

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Grain Belt Express receives approval from FERC

The Grain Belt Express Clean Line project received approval in early May 2014 from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Read more at:  http://kansasfirstnews.com/2014/05/11/grain-belt-express-receives-approval-from-federal-commission/.

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Proposed Route for Grain Belt Powerline through Missouri is announced.

Clean Energy Partners has announced and published the “final” route of the proposed Grain Belt Express Powerline through Missouri.  Eight Missouri counties are affected:  Buchanan, Clinton, Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Randolph, Monroe and Ralls. The controversial transmission line project is designed to moved so-called “clean” energy gernerated by windmills in the plains to…

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Paul Henry to speak at real estate seminar in June.

Paul Henry will discuss eminent domian issues at the upcoming legal seminar on “Missouri Land Rights and Restrictions.” The program is set for June 17, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza in Clayton, Missouri. Among the topics that may be discussed include: Understanding eminent domain powers Understanding the condemnation process Exploring…

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KCP&L Condemnation Action Dismissed in Platte County

Several property owners represented by Denlow & Henry successfully contested and fought an eminent domain condemnation case filed by Kansas City Power & Light (“KCP&L”) in Platte County, Missouri in connection with the Iatan-Nashua transmission project.  KCP&L, a public utility, filed its condemnation petition against numerous property owners in Platte County…

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Richmond Heights Development Effort Disappoints Cong. Carnahan

U.S. Representative Russ Carnahan (D-MO) recently issued a press release calling out the City of Richmond Heights for its continued efforts to develop the Hadley Heights neighborhood: “As Representative of the 3rd Congressional District in Missouri, I am disappointed that Richmond Heights is continuing its decade-long effort to destroy a…

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Thousands of Ozark homes saved from Federal lake project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) saved thousands of homes around Lake of the Ozarks when it excluded them from a shoreline preservation project. The project initially included thousands of properties around the heavily developed Lake and recreation area. Controversy over the project and possible negative impacts on property values…

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Tolls may fund I-70 widening projects.

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith told state lawmakers that rapidly increasing amounts of traffic on I-70 could turn the interstate into a “graveled parking lot” within 15 years if the highway is not widened and repaved to make it safer and ease congestion. Costs for the improvements range from $2 billion…

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13 year old TIF Project to go on trial April 25

“Thirteen years after the city began planning a massive business park in the Mississippi River flood plain, a long-awaited trial on an environmental group’s challenge of a related tax subsidy is set to begin Monday. The recession has hindered efforts to attract tenants to the Premier 370 Business Park but…

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Just Compensation in Afghanistan

NATO officials are finding it difficult compensating Afghan property owners for damage caused during the conflict: “But as word spread, military units found themselves overwhelmed with hundreds of people claiming compensation for damage, some of it done long before the recent fighting. ‘We are victims of our own success,’ Lt….

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Robert Denlow to Speak at National Conference

Robert Denlow, principal of Denlow & Henry, will speak at the upcoming American Law Institute and American Bar Association conference on Eminent Domain and Land Valuation. “This popular and long running advanced course of study kicks off with a comprehensive update on eminent domain case law and legislation by a…

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Owners Counsel of America Honor Journalists with Crystal Eagle Award

Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) honored two journalists in 2010 with the Crystal Eagle Award for journalism and effort to be critical and objective, specifically with respect to their investigative reportage and balanced analysis regarding the government’s use of eminent domain. Annually, OCA identifies individuals who have made a substantial…

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Businesses may suffer in Oklahoma Redevelopment Project

The Oklahoma City Council voted nearly unanimously to blight a massive 692 acre area south of downtown. The City hopes to develop the area into, among other things, a downtown park and convention center. The project may use eminent domain powers to acquire residential and commercial properties. At least one…

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Flight 93 Memorial turns into debate over eminent domain.

The effort by the National Park Service to establish a memorial for the victims of the 9/11 crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. The plans are to creat a 2,200 acre memorial and park. The looming 10th anniversary of the tragedy is apparently pushing the project to get completed. Controversy…

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Texas Senate approves eminent domain reform.

The Texas Senate has approved sweeping eminent domain reform for the state that includes: Criteria for courts to follow to determine good faith negotiations. Creates a “Truth in Condemnation Procedures Act” which requires a bona fide offer in writing. Requires any condemnation procedure to be done in public and by…

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