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Eminent Domain Information
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Nor Shall Private Property Be Taken For Public Use, Without Just Compensation
- The 5th Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Eminent Domain of Gas and Oil Pipelines

When gas and oil companies run pipelines through private property, severe property damage can occur. It is often necessary to remove valuable trees, tear apart landscaping and remove structures. In addition, the impact of having a pipeline run through your business, home or agricultural property can impact its resale value.

Gas odors, the fear of pipeline explosions or gas leaks, and the nuisance of gas and oil company upkeep activities all impact the value of your property.

For more than 40 years, Denlow & Henry has represented property owners in eminent domain actions. This is all we do. We are committed to protecting your interests when gas and oil pipelines impact your property rights.

Gas and Oil Pipelines and Your Eminent Domain Rights

If your property will be impacted by oil and gas pipelines it is important to consult with attorneys who understand the constitutional, state and local laws at play.

At Denlow & Henry, eminent domain law is all we do. Our attorneys understand the financial impact of pipelines that are close to businesses or homes. We pursue compensation not only for the damage done to property while installing these pipelines, but also for the decrease in value caused to the remaining property.

You Are Entitled to Just Compensation

When going up against powerful oil and gas companies, many property owners feel helpless. At Denlow & Henry, we stand up for our clients’ constitutional rights. Over the years, our lawyers have successfully represented clients in eminent domain suits involving large oil companies including TransCanada, Flanagan, Enbridge and Keystone.

For more information about your rights or for a free case evaluation, contact our firm at 314-725-5151 and 888-566-5151. Initial consultations are free. We serve property owners in Missouri, as well as in Kansas and Illinois near the Kansas City and St. Louis area.