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2022 Articles

MoDOT proposes new Route 63 & Grindstone Parkway Interchange

Highway 63 and Grindstone Proposed Plans (click for larger image) MoDOT plans to reconstruct a portion of the Highway 63 intersection at Grindstone. This project includes changes to northbound Route 63 entrance and exit ramps, Boone County Route AC (Grindstone Parkway), New Haven Road, and Lenoir Street. MoDOT sites increased…

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Highway 61 and 47 Interchange in Troy

The Missouri Highway Department (MoDOT) proposes to construct a diamond interchange at the intersection of Highway 61 and 47 in Troy Missouri. In order to construct this interchange, MoDOT may need to acquire property from some property owners and the final design is still in progress. Highway 61 and 47…

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Grant Avenue Parkway – Springfield

Click for Larger Image This project is located along Grant Avenue from one of the city’s major economic hubs at Sunshine Street in the south to a proposed Center City loop around Springfield’s historic downtown and the IDEA Commons at Park Central West to the north. The Parkway will start…

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Wasbash – Salem Bulk Transmission Line

Final Route Map – Click for Larger Image Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA), a wholesale electric supplier, and Citizen’s Electric Co-Op are planning a new transmission line in Ste Genevieve County. The Salem Bulk-Valley View Project will have a 69 kV transmission powerline that connects the Salem Bulk Substation to…

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Limestone Ridge Transmission Line

Limestone Ridge Project – Final Route Map Ameren Transmission Company (ATXI) is working with the Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA) to build and construct a proposed 15 mile 138 kV transmission line. The project is planned to include new substations along the route. The new line will connect two new…

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