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Nor Shall Private Property Be Taken For Public Use, Without Just Compensation
- The 5th Amendment, U.S. Constitution

2017 Articles

Lee’s Summit to widen Jefferson Street

The City of Lee’s Summit is completing design for the widening of Jefferson Street from Oldham Pkwy to Persels Road.  Other improvements will include a traffic signal at the Jefferson/Persels intersection, street lighting, sidewalk, shared-use path, water line, & sewer line replacement.  Once design is complete, the City will begin…

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Lee’s Summit Chipman Road Project on Hold

The old railroad corridor was acquired from the Union Pacific Railroad. Before the City’s design can be completed, the exact uses of the corridor (whether a bikepath or perhaps light rail) needs to be determined. Jackson County is meeting with all relevant agencies in order to develop the requirements. The…

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Rolla moving forward with Highway 72 extension plans

The city of Rolla, Missouri is continuing to from move forward with the plans to extend Highway 72 (Kingshighway) in connection with the Rolla West project. This project will require the purchase of 26-28 properties.  It will be a no-access highway extensionout to Kingshighway in the vicinity of the Buehler Park….

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Jefferson County to improve Route 21 and Four Ridge instersection

Old State Route 21 at East and West Four Ridge will be relocated to the North with roadway re-alignments at both East and West Four Ridge. Project includes the addition of acceleration and de-acceleration lanes. https://www.jeffcomo.org/uploads/Public%20Works/Additional%20Information/Public%20Information%20for%20Projects/Old%20State%20Route%2021%20at%20East%20West%20Four%20Ridge%20Intersection%20Improvements%20STP%205462%20608.pdf

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Jefferson County moving forward with improvements to Route 21 and Lions Den Road

The project in general will consist of adding a left turn lane from southbound Old State Route 21 onto Lions Den Road. Located at the intersection of Old Stat Route 21 and Lions Den Road in Section 28, Township 43 North, Range 5 East, Jefferson County, Missouri. https://www.jeffcomo.org/uploads/Public%20Works/Additional%20Information/Public%20Information%20for%20Projects/Old%20State%20Route%2021%20at%20Lions%20Den%20Intersection%20STP%205462%20607.pdf

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